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Foot feeling matters

EcoDasher insole

customized comfort made sustainably

Max cushioning

Adaptive arch support

Deep heel cradle

Metatarsal support


bio degradable



the first ever customizable sustainable insole

People love EcoDasher

Pam Pratt

Absolutely love mine

I work everyday they helped my feet so much. I use them in my work shoes everyday my feet has no pain I absolutely love these recommendations are high. I got to get me another pair. I've been whiching them out of work shoes to other shoes I wear when not working.

Mindy Brodecki

The support is excellent!

I have have planters fascists and these feel amazing. My back and feet feel so much better with these! Highly recommend! I have been wearing these all week and see a difference!

Michele Paldino Tinebra

Love them

I just received my pair & love them. They are so comfortable. They fit perfectly in my sneakers.

Marie Elliott

I am so thankful

My new shoes came today I've been waiting so I can put these in them.ive been having some pain issues with my left foot.i finally am starting to get some relief..these feel very well on my feet.I went to the foot Doc today I told him about them,I appreciate these along with my eco v2.0& my new Pumas I hope I'm otw to Getting some relief...Thank you Fitpace I feel great knowing there made of Algae...


They are amazing!

They have fantastic arch support. Heel relief and they arrived in a wonderful box and the materials are fantastic. My feet no longer burn when I am standing on them for hours. I Highly recommend these for anyone constantly on their feet.