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The right insole for Every shoes

wait... what?!

It's made with algae & plastic waste!

EcoDasher Prototype V0.1

The saddle curve design

This is the early prototype version of EcoDasher.
it's the first insole adopting saddle curves design.
So comfortable, so supportive.
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EcoDasher Prototype V1.0

EcoDasher Prototype V1.0

We noticed that the insole industry has an unsustainable issue. The most insoles are not made with eco-friendly materials. FITPACE choose to use eco-friendly materials such as Oceanfoam, redebris and greenknit. As a result leaving "Zero" impact to the environment when the product lifecycle comes to the end.
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EcoDasher Prototype V2.0

Put you in the driver's seat

A pre-made insole can hardly satisfy everyone's unique needs. So we make the metatarsal and heel shock pads detachable, to make it possible for everyone to customize EcoDasher for their ideal comfort and support
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EcoDasher Prototype V3.0

Unlocking the full potential

By providing metatarsal and heel shock pads in different material, softness and density. We unlocked possibilities for you to find your most personal comfort and support. 7 different metatarsal and heel shock pads max out to 20 combinations to meet your needs.
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